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Joell Leighbody

President/ CEO

Phone-  (716) 864-9035

I started Lightnings in 2004 with 5 cheerleaders with the goal of building self esteem in young ladies, and to build a environment of healthy competition and team building. Since then, Joell is celebrating 20 years and has grown the gym to be a successful D2 program with over 100 athletes. In addition to the everyday operations,  Joell is behind the scenes coordinating Competitions, Spiritwear, Uniforms for our athletes and coaching our Tiny athletes.

"My goal is to have an All-star gym where people call home. Every athlete should feel valued and contribute"    Joell

Gary Leighbody

Co-Director/Vice President


Gary started the organization with Joell in 2004. Gary coordinates and communicates Registration details, Financial information, and will usually be your 1st point of contact for any questions you may have on a day to day basis. Gary loves to be in the gym, and enjoys seeing the athletes progress and being proud of their accomplishments. 


Tori Leighbody

Level 2 Reign - Private Coach/ Tumbling Classes


Emily Miller/

Level 1 Voltage/ Level 2 Reign


Elizabeth Powell/ "Ellie"

Level 1 Blackout


Louis Clark

Level 1 Blackout/ Level 1 Vortex/ Private Coach


Allison Clark

Level 1 Voltage/ Level 1 Vortex/ Private Coach


Leah Pitisi

Tiny Novice/ Private Coach


Jennifer Milewski/ "Jr Coach Jenny"

Junior Coach - Voltage - Vortex

This will be my 7th year, and it is one of my favorite things in the world. My favorite part of cheer is teaching tumbling and dancing. I know I will be cheering my entire life and can't wait to coach my own team someday. When I'm older, my dream is to be in Fashion Design. I'm a very bubble person and some people might say I'm a little shy. My favorite color is yellow, and I love watermelon. I absolutely love kids, and can't wait for what the future holds!

Contact Us - 1 to 9 of 9